The First Annual ICoLIS (Interpreting the Role of Religion, Social, Management of Library, History, and Literature in Growing the Literacy Culture)

Program Studi Ilmu Perpustakaan dan Infomasi Islam (IPII) Fakultas Adab Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Raden Intan Lampung

Proudly Present



Fakultas Adab UIN Raden Intan Lampung Proudly Present and Invite you to:
The First Annual International Conference on Social, Literacy, Art, History,Library and Information Science, 2023

”Interpreting the Role of Religion, Social, Management of Library, History, and Literature in Growing the Literacy Culture”

Aim and Scope
> Literacy
> Literature and Culture
> Interdisciplinary Literature
> Social Science
> Literacy of Information
> Literacy of Religion
> Library and Information Science
> History
> Management
> Management of Library

👉 Conference Date, October 9-11th, 2023

Emersia Hotel – Bandar Lampung

Drs. Muhammad Syarif Bando, M.M
(Head of the National Library of theRepublic Indonesia)

Prof. H. Wan Jamaluddin, M.Ag., Ph.D
(Rector of UIN Raden Intan Lampung, Indonesia)

Dr. H. Ahmad Bukhari Muslim, Lc., MA
(Dean Faculty of Adab UIN Raden Intan Lampung, Indonesia)


Dr Andrew Demasson
(Associate Lecturer in the Information Systems School Faculty of Science at Queensland University of Technology Australia)

Associate Professor Maznah Mohamad
(Head of the Department of Malay Studies, Faculty of Art and Social Studies National University of Singapore (NUS)

(Prof. Dr. Aini Maznina Binti A. Manaf
( International Islamic University of Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Nurdin Laugu, S.Ag.,S.S.,MA.
( President of ASDIP PTKI )

Dr. Laksmi, S.S., M.A
(Lecturer of Library and Information Science, University of Indonesia)

Call For Paper
> The paper should be written either in English or in Bahasa Indonesia.
> The title of the paper should be concise, informative, and no more than 15 words.
> Paper is written in Times New Roman, 12 points, and 1 space in MS Word 2003 or higher.
> All submissions should be accompanied by an abstract (max. 300 words, 12 points, 1 space, and italicized) and 5 keywords (maximal).
> The length of the paper is max. 6000 words, including abstracts, tables, footnotes and references

Full Paper Submission Deadline, September 25th, 2023

Full Paper Acceptance , September 30th, 2023

Selected Paper Will Be Publish In INTERNATIONAL PROCEEDING

Contact Person:
Aghesna Rahmatika : +(62) 852-7974-2888
Agus Mahfudin : +(62) 85726878808